Sony UPC-21L – A6 Colour Print Pack


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Sony UPC-21L colour print pack is the larger size colour print pack compatible with Sonys A6 colour printer range. UPC-21L contains 200 sheets of paper and 4 colour ink ribbons. 

UPC-21L is compatible with the following Sony colour printers.
UP-25MD, UP-D25, UP-21MD, UP-D21MD, UP-D23 and UP-20.

A smaller sized colour print pack, UPC-21S, is also available and is compatible with the same Sony colour printers 

Sony colour thermal film print pack combined with their dye sublimation printers produce high-class images on durable paper.

Sonys medical printing technology, combined with their high quality media, provides the protection needed against environmental factors such as light, heat and humidity retaining the high quality final image.


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