Sony UP-D897 – A6 Digital Black & White Printer


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High-speed printing:
The UP-D897 and the UP-897MD can produce A6-size prints with stunning speed in approximately two seconds*.
That is half the speed of conventional printers, making the UP-D897 and the UP-897MD the fastest printers in their class.
   * When using the UPP-110HG or UPP-110S, in high speed mode. Does not include the data transfer time.

Various print modes:
The UP-D897 and the UP-897MD both offer Standard and Side
print modes.

Detailed sharpness setting:
The UP-D897 offers a detailed sharpness setting,
which can be set from the menu mode at 15 steps.

Multiple copy function:
The UP-D897 can produce up to 20 copies* of the last
printed image simply by pushing the COPY button.
Including the first printout.

Resize feature:
The resize feature can automatically enlarge image data to fit a pre-set printing area.
This allows users to transfer small image data in order to reduce the transfer time.

PC compatibility:
A PC driver software is bundled with the printer to enhance its flexibility.
This software is compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 2000 and XP.

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